Friday, August 17, 2012

Mohawk Bend in Echo Park

Mohawk Bend in Echo Park is owned by Los Angeles beer mogul Tony Yanow. The force behind Burbank's Tony's Darts Away and Golden Road Brewery in Atwater Village. Mohawk Bend opened in July 2011 as a restaraunt and bar with an emphasis on locally produced ingredients, beer, wine and spirits. Mohawk Bend's 72 taps , most of which dispense craft beer produced right here in the Golden State shows a serious commitment to quality beer. This is not an establishment that one comes to in order to get sloshed on Bud Light..they don't even serve bud light. With so many beers available on tap , Mohawk Bend is a great place to get a sampler flight and discover some new beers.

In addtion to the extensive and excellent beer choices, Mohawk also offers up some healthy tasty eats. I had their burger and while tasty was a bit on the small side for the price, but that's ok.  I'm pretty sure the meat was better than the kind they serve at Jack in the Box. Plus Jack in the Box doesn't have 72 different beers on tap. The pizza was also pretty good as well. The menu is focused on seasonal dishes including salads, brick oven pizzas and desserts. Mohawk Bend, like Yanow's Pub at Golden Road Brewery and Tony's Darts the menu features options geared towards both vegans and non vegans.

Mohawk Bend was designed by the famous design firm SpaceCraft that has designed many top restaraunts and bars in the L.A area. They did an amazing job in designing this space which is a 100 year old building that was formerly a theater. When you are in the dining room with its skylit atrium you feel as if you are dining outdoors even though you are not. At Mohawk Bend even the bathrooms are interesting. The stalls are actually made of exposed plywood, giving the restrooms a very DIY natural type look. Everything at Mohawk Bend seems to be done intentionally with "a dedication to craft" as is noted on their website.

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