Friday, August 17, 2012

The Snug in Burbank

The Snug in Burbank is a cozy little bar. It is a dive type of bar, but it is relatively clean and has a pretty friendly relaxed atmosphere. The patrons here are regular folk, no showoffs up in here. The bartenders are friendly, the lady we had serving us last time even let us put our last drink orders in prior to happy hour to get the happy hour price! Never seen a place do that before! Speaking of happy hour the Snug has a kick ass happy hour that is so great, I don't even know if I'll share it...but I will. During happy hour you get 50% off beer. I got Stone Ruination IPA for something like $2.75, truly unheard of! Especially considering the high alcohol content of an IPA versus something like a Bud Light, that's a great value! While the snug doesn't have the best beer selection in town, it does seem that they are trying to add some new beers. The Snug also have a full liquor license, so those with a thirst for spirits can indulge with their hearts content. The Snug does not serve food , but I have seen people eating outside food in there and last time there was even a crockpot of chili that was donated by one of the patrons. You never see that at them fancy shamancy hollywood joints, do you? Also I'm pretty sure they are cool with people bringing in outside food and I believe you can even get stuff delivered there.So to sum it all up great prices, cool staff, relaxed environment, real people...what's not to like? A legit joint for Burbank boozers and those in nearby areas. Hey, at those happy hour prices it might even be worth making the trek from Hollyweird!

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