Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bäco Mercat

Went here around brunch time and it was packed. I suggest reservations. We did not have reservations however; the hostess at the front was very nice and kept checking to see if she could squeeze us in sooner than our 15 minute wait. And she did.... we only waited about 5 minutes and we were quickly seated and greeted once again by a friendly server. Their customer service is excellent. A little too excellent because they take away your plate so fast. It kind of made me nervous for how fast they remove your plate. LOL.

Amazing storefront.The decor was wonderful. It has architectural character. It was well lit with a "skylight" towards the back. They had these really cool vintage chairs that didn't look comfortable but they were extremely comfortable.

Ok, so lets get to the BOOZE part. For brunch they offer bloody mary's and mimosas however; they have a FULL BAR with different wine, draught beer, bottle & can beer, cocktails and spirits! Another interesting beverage is their baco pop (non-alcoholic). It contains orange, ginger and juniper soda. It was really sweet but refreshing. The only downfall was the water they brought to the table. It was warm and came in this glass container that looked really dusty on the outside. Just drink the Booze I guess and don't drink the water. Yikes!

baco pop!

As for the food. Since baco mercat is home of the "baco," the signature flatbread sandwich created by chef Josef Centeno.
We ordered the "el pesco" baco sandwich which was very tasty. It was crispy shrimp, sriracha and chive. It was very filling but I can honestly eat about 3 of them since they are so good and melted in my mouth... but that might be too much food to eat! We also, ordered a "con tomate" double crispy "coca" (crispy flatbread). It consisted of tomato, oregano and extra virgin olive oil. I enjoyed the flatbread. It tasted like a flour tortilla chip. It probably should have a tiny bit more sauce though.

"con tomate" double crispy

We will be back. There is still many more items we would like to try on the menu.

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